You Learn Something New Every Day
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Season 2, Episode 6
Vital statistics
Air date January 20, 1998
Written by Noel MacNeal
Directed by Lisa Simon
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You Learn Something New Every Day is the 6th episode of the second season.


One morning, Bear receives a notice in the mail that he's won a free mambo lesson by an instructor from the Ha-Cha-Cha Dancing School. As he gets ready for the arrival of this instructor, he finds that the kids of the Big Blue House are learning new things as well. Ojo pretends to be a teacher with Treelo and Bear as her students and later takes them on a field trip to the bathroom of the Big Blue House, where they observe the wild otters in their natural habitat, the bathtub. Tutter, meanwhile, struggles to read a book with numbers. Later, everyone gets a surprise when the mambo instructor turns out to be Tutter's Grandma Flutter. In the Shadow segment, Shadow's story is "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe" narrated by a doctor. There's also a man who wanted to know if he was okay, A Lady Picking Up Sticks.

That night, Bear shows the attic to the viewers. He loves it up here, it is one of his favorite places in the Big Blue House. There is so much neat stuff up there. Then he shows his berry picking jacket. He was the fastest berry picker ever. The attic is full of so many great stuff. It is also when he comes to talk to a special friend. And it is Luna! He goes to the balcony to find her.

Bear finds Luna not rising, but just sitting in the sky. They both greet each other. She asks about his day. Tutter learned how to use numbers. Anyway he loves adding and counting with cheese. And Ojo and Treelo had fun playing school. Luna is guessing who the teacher was. She thinks it was Ojo. Bear said yes. He also told her that they learned the mambo. She was surprised. Grandma Flutter came and taught how to do it. Luna says isn't it great when you learn something, you can teach it to others. He notes that he loves it. It's just something that she learned a long time ago. She notes that it is time for her to get back up into the sky, but before she does, she asks him to join her in a goodbye song. He thought she'd never ask. They sing the goodbye song.

Bear thanks us for visiting the Big Blue House. He turns the light off, but almost forgot to say something. He tells us to come back tomorrow, because he always learns something new from you. He says bye and turns the light off.




  • The theme for this episode is about learning.
  • Luna does not rise at the beginning of the Luna segment in this episode.


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