Tutter's Tiny Trip
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Season 2, Episode 20
Vital statistics
Air date September 2, 1998
Written by Claudia Silver
Directed by Jim Martin
Dean Gordon and Phil Alcabes (Associate Directors)
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Tutter's Tiny Trip is the twentieth episode of the second season.


Tutter is nervous when Grandma Flutter plans to take him on a trip outside the Big Blue House.




  • The theme for this episode is about travel.
  • The song Traveling Is The Best Way To Go has the same tune as Let's Go Exploring from Raiders of the Lost Cheese (the title parody of 1981's Raiders of the Lost Ark).
  • This episode was adapted in storybook form as Tutter's Tiny Trip.
  • LeapPad made a book related to this episode.
  • In this episode also, Mike Fisher is Sound Designer, having replaced Chris Floberg.


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Bear in the Big Blue House - Tutter's Tiny Trip

Bear in the Big Blue House - Tutter's Tiny Trip


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