Season 3, Episode 12

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Air date June 30, 1999
Written by Claudia Silver
Directed by Dean Gordon

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Bear's Secret Cave I For-Got Rhythm!?

Smellorama is the twelfth episode of the third season.


It's springtime in Woodland Valley and Bear's sniffer goes crazy. He sniffs around the flower, the mysteria, a dusty old cloth, new leaves on bushes and some perfume from Ojo (also known as Mademoiselle Ojo) that remind her of her friends. Tutter captures bottles from some unusual smells (including flowers, stinky cheese etc.), and Shadow tells him about how there are no smells at all, because you have colds if so. Then he smells something a little faint but strange. It is Pip and Pop's old friend Snook the Skunk. He leads Bear into the secret entrance to his secret cave (which is a bit difficult to fit in or come out).

Later, Bear tells Luna about it. She says how all the fragrances of the Earth remain the smell of the fresh clean night air, which always lets her know it's time for her to rise. Before Bear leaves, he sniffs once more as to say "you always smell good to me". He chuckles and turns off the attic light, to put his tired sniffer to bed.


  • What's That Smell (songs by Steve Charney)
  • Smellorama (songs by Peter Lurye)


  • Lee Magliano is Utilities.
  • The theme for this episode is smells.
  • In this episode, when Bear sneezes at a remark that pepper makes you sneeze, the camera shakes. It happened when he had a cold in the year-before episode Need a Little Help Today (perpendicularly when he sneezes on Tutter).