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Noel MacNeal
Peter Linz
Tyler Bunch
Vicki Eibner

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The first season of the Bear in the Big Blue House series began airing from October 20th, 1997 to November 24th, 1997. It contains twenty-six episodes.


  1. Home Is Where the Bear Is - Bear shows the viewers around the house.
  2. Water, Water, Everywhere - Bear and his friends discover about water.
  3. Mouse Party - Bear and his friends set up a birthday party for Tutter.
  4. Shape of a Bear - Bear tells about shapes.
  5. Picture of Health - Bear and his friends learn about health.
  6. Share, Bear - Bear tells about what it means to share.
  7. Why Bears Can't Fly - Bear talks about gravity.
  8. Falling for Fall - Fall has come, and Bear and his friends have fun in the fall.
  9. What's in the Mail, Today? - Bear has some mail. Bear teaches viewers about mail.
  10. Dancin' the Day Away - Bear and his friends dance all day.
  11. A Wagon of a Different Color - Bear teaches the viewers about colors while Ojo works on his new wagon.
  12. Dirt, I Love You So! - Bear and his friends, Ojo, Pip & Pop, Treelo and Tutter, show us the many things you can do with dirt. Planting a tree, digging for buried treasure, sweeping and making mud.
  13. Music to My Ears - Ojo is doing a band at the Otter Pond. Bear talks about music.
  14. All Connected - Bear talks about connections.
  15. Summer Cooler - It is very hot outside. Bear and his friends have fun in the summer.
  16. The Big Little Visitor - Grandma Flutter is visiting the Big Blue House. Everyone gets ready.
  17. A Winter's Nap - It is winter. Bear and his friends have fun in the winter.
  18. Working Like a Bear - Bear and his friends work.
  19. Magic in the Kitchen - Ojo asks Bear to make Pancakes, so Pip, Pop, Ojo, and Bear prepare for a pancake dinner.
  20. Spring Fever - Spring has sprung to Woodland Valley once again.
  21. A Plant Grows in Bear's House - A plant grows in the big blue house.
  22. Eat, Drink Juice and Be Merry - Bear and his friends prepare for a picnic at the Otter Pond.
  23. Need a Little Help Today - Bear is sick, his friends help him feel better.
  24. Lost Thing - Bear and his friends help Ojo find her snowbear.
  25. Listen Up! - Bear and his friends plan a campout at the Otter Pond.
  26. Friends for Life - Ojo has a new friend.