One, Two, Buckle My Shoe is also Shadow's nursery rhyme narrated by a doctor telling us how to do it from numbers 1 through 10. This episode is from "You Learn Something New Every Day".


[The story starts.]
Doctor: One, two. Buckle my shoe. Here, I'll can help you. See how if you do it? You use two hands to make a connection. And here is how you don't use shoelaces. Three, four. Close the door. No! It's not what I meant! See that guy? And look, it's open! Don't use the doorknob.
Man: Oh, that's not how you close the door.
Doctor: That's okay, son. I'll close it for you.
Man: Oh, I am so happy!
Doctor: Five, six. Pick up sticks! Look at girl, she is going to lay down on the grass, and look at her, grabbing the sticks.
Girl: Thanks for the tip, doctor!
Doctor: Seven, eight. Lay them straight. Nine, ten. The story has ended. And remember, just tell me again later.
[The story ends.]

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